What services do you provide?

Zealtypia Consultants, will help you find your next contract or fulltime employment. We engage with staffing firms and companies, answer calls, manage timelines for interviews, and potentially negotiate your next employment.

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How much does it cost?

We offer complimentary services to you while working with Zealtypia.

How do I get started?

Start, by contacting one of our agents at 1-855-932-5835 or use our contact form Contact Us

What if I am not a consultant with Zealtypia, can I still use your services?

We are currently looking into offering more services, but at this time our services are limited to potential consultants joining our network.

How long does it generally take before I get my first interview and potentially start work?

On average, from the start of calling Zealtypia, you can expect the process to range from 1-3 weeks.

What does Zealtypia (Zeal-tip-pee-ah) mean?

Zealtypia means a passion for performing well at every level. Our team of professional agents, adopt this attitude with every client, project or service we provide.